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Welcome to inbox.biz.id, where security matters.

Our next-generation inbox is designed to help you work faster by being easy to use. The encryption we use to ensure email privacy is completely invisible.


Data Privacy

Take complete control of your email data. Our best-in-class privacy practices ensure your data belongs only to you.


End-to-End Encryption

We use end-to-end encryption and zero access encryption to secure emails. This means even we cannot decrypt and read your emails.


Anonymous Email

No personal information is required to create your secure email account. By default, we do not keep any IP logs. Your privacy comes first.


User Friendly

inbox.biz.id can be used on any device without software install. inbox.biz.id secure email accounts are fully compatible with other email providers.


Easy Migration

Switch from other providers to the secure inbox.biz.id email using our migration tools.


Modern Design

Each detail within our secure email service is optimized to help you better read, organize, and send email.

Customers say nice things

We have very fair pricing policy that would benefit you and us at the same time. Get the free plan & if you need more - pay.

Pricing Plans.

Our plans are designed to meet the requirements of both professional and corporate users. Get the right plan that suits you.


Icon $24.00/y
  • *with Lautan Network services
  • 10Gb Inbox


Icon $120.00/y
  • Custom Email Domain
  • Unlimited Inbox

Start now and turn your online business into a profitable route.

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